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The Light


The light – what has happened to Bitsy? #thegone #amwriting

Originally posted on The Gone:

Around me there is light everywhere and it hurts. I think I’m screaming, but I can’t hear anything. I can feel hands holding me down and the roughness of concrete on my back. I can also hear laughter and a soft thumping noise. Everything seems too loud and the light is hurting my eyes.

“I think she is coming round,” a voice says and I can tell it is Colin, although he sounds as if he is yelling in my ear instead of talking normally.

The light is gone and I can see his concerned face looking at me.

“What?” I ask and then I remember what they did. “How could you” I cry and crawl backwards away from them.

Max had been holding my legs but now he puts his hands up, palms out, as if letting me know he was harmless. Except I know the truth.

“You turned…

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Trigger words and blogging

Actually it is all writing. I would love to say that my life has been all roses and chocolates, but it hasn’t. Instead, I have had my time crying in corners and flinching in fear, but I don’t let that rule my life. I stand with it at my back, but I don’t continuously look at it. I don’t dissect my past, it was something that happened. I came through it and it made me the person I am. I’m just astounded that I’m not bitter, and completely over the moon that I’m not. But every now and then I come across a trigger word.

No, it isn’t usually a word, it is normally a passage. And that can throw me back to the past. I can re-live it or it just plays in my head like my own sick movie. But it happens. I’m not affected by a lot, hell I love paranormal romance and that can get a little extreme. For me the trigger is more about the psyche of the people going in.

I have a short story with a publisher at the moment; it’s about a love affair between two serial killers, but for me there is no trigger. Because they are loving to each other, not so much to anyone else, but they respect and cherish each other. So I have no problem with the violence. But I just read something that made the man (it could have been a woman) who set out to dominate and abuse a woman. He wasn’t in love and he got away with it, leaving her broken.

The BBC drama ‘Murdered by my boyfriend’ did the same. There was no reason other than the antagonists own gratification and dominance. But it was the ‘getting away with it’ and the simple waste – my triggers.

I don’t go out of the way to find them but sometimes they sneak up on me. That got me thinking. I write thrillers and horrors, and what if I write other peoples triggers in there? What if my work, instead of being spooky and a little scary, becomes horrendous for others?

It got me worried.

Then I thought about other authors. Surely the horror writers out there must realise that some of their stuff will offend? Anyway, I thought about it and wondered if I ought to limit my writing. Make it more – safe…

I couldn’t…

Instead, I have got to write what I write and be true to myself. I have a feeling that if I subdued my imagination it would stop working for me…

Oh, and the story about the serial killers? Well, if the publishers don’t want it I’ll try others, but if it gets nowhere I’ll self-publish and you can all have a look. :-)

Where has the time gone?

I am rushed off my feet. I mean… I knew I had deadlines but this is ridiculous. I am working but feeling as if all I’m managing to do is stay in the same place.

I know I’m not.

But it feels like it.

So the book will be out on the 31st October, but I’m running behind, so at the moment I am juggling masses of work. Not to worry though – it will all work out.

Overly optimistic?


But it will be on time.

Now let me get back to writing.

And I apologize to fans of ‘The Gone’. As soon as I have this under control I will get back to posting regularly. I am such a bad blogger.

A challenge that has led to an exclusive sneak-peak of ‘Shadows Close’.

I have been challenged to take up 777 by Kimberly. Basically to post the seventh page after the seventh line for seven lines of a work in progress… Does that make sense? Hope so. But Shadows Close is due to be published on the 31st of October so I thought, what about the whole of the seventh page.

So that is what I have popped below. The seventh page of Shadows Close. The story is called The Mouse Trap. Enjoy!

Lucy looked down at her hand and wondered. “I don’t know.” She turned and showed the hand to her son. He took in her red rimmed eyes and tear-streaked face, and then looked at it. He winced. He reached out a but didn’t touch it. Lucy held on to her wrist. She wasn’t sure but she thought that the hand was broken. Have to think of another story, a small voice told her. You can’t break your hand and your wrist in a car door.

“Mum?” Nate said, and Lucy sprang back to the kitchen, wondering how long she had been musing over the lie she’d got to tell. Nate had moved and was not at the doorway.

“Yes?” she said, not showing the panic she felt at having tranced out.

“I’m not going to school today.”

“That’s fine,” she said, distantly. Nate knew that she would forget. He wasn’t certain which was worse, the fact that his father beat his mother or the times when she wasn’t there. She was physically in his presence but she had gone somewhere else, somewhere better than here. He paused at the stairs and looked back into the kitchen. She was still in the same place, hunched over and cradling her injured arm. He stood there and watched her for a moment with eyes too old for his body and then sighing he moved up the stairs.

He was about to make a huge decision. He was going to make his father leave. It had been playing on his mind for a while, more than a while. At the beginning of the summer his dad had turned into the road and seen him talking to the new girl. She wasn’t white and Nate had given it no thought, but his father had seen. He’d rolled the family car to a stop next to them.

“Go to the house,” he had screamed, his face red and his eyes mean.

Nate had watched him continue down the road.

“That your dad?” the girl had asked.

Now I get to nominate….

My first nomination is:
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My second is…
Annie –

My third:
Judith –

And lastly my fourth…
Norma –

Kate Murray – Author in the Spotlight


My interview as an author and I’m talking a little more about the new collection of stories, Shadows Close’

Originally posted on Annie On Writing:


Kate has recently completed her Masters in Creative Writing. She is currently working on her third short story anthology and had had a number of short stories accepted in magazines and ebook anthologies, such as ‘The Lampeter Review’ and the What the Dickens’ anthology ‘Busker’.

 She has kindly agreed to be interviewed about her  writing.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on a set of stories for a horror collection that will be published by Raging Aardvark Press on the 31st October 2014. ‘Shadows Close’ is an illustrated volume of 13 stories. Set down one road during one week in October 1983, it shows just how a closed door can hide the evils of the world. Horror is on our doorstep, even if we don’t see it.

What was your initial motivation or prompt to write this story?

The concept for the story…

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Publishers that accept submissions from authors


Some interesting publishers that are accepting manuscripts. :-)

Originally posted on Ana is the Bookworm:

Hello there, evil friends!

I decided to be a nice girl and post here the majority of the publishers (that accept submissions without agents, obviously) that I found on my way and hadn’t queried. If it’s useful, let me know and tomorrow I promise I’ll post more links if I find it – and, if you guys want, I may post my list of agents and guidelines and emails. Just lemme know and I post it, :)

Here it go!

Merit Press

Merit Press Books was founded to publish intensely readable, highly suspenseful novels with protagonists who usually are young adults over the age of fourteen. These stories will happen in the real world, featuring young female (and sometimes male) heroes rising to meet the challenges of a complex contemporary time and place.

Natural is good; a little bit of supernatural (as in, perhaps foreseeing the future) is okay, too. Normal…

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Will be out on Halloween!

Shadows close poster


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